Some Bugs in .719

Hi, don’t know if these 5 Bugs (or problems) were mentionend before.

first of all good work. here are the bugs i found.

  1. There are Problems with Fast User Switching under Windows
    when using

Defense+ safe Mode and these Options

off -Trust applications digitally signed by Trusted Software Vendors
on - Block all unknown requests if the application is closed -
off - Deactivate Defense+ permanently (Requires a system restart)
off - Create rules for safe applications

when the rules for the needed processes are not yet in the policies for Fast User Switching (e.g. Log in another User Account), the switched user account loads no gui. Same options for these options in paranoid mode results in the problem.

  1. Sandboxing Firefox has Problems with an alert, when the profile folder of FF is on another harddrive than the standart path for FF.

  2. with VLC media player in sandbox it plays no sound when the application is restriced or untrusted

  3. the sandbox changes the mouse cursor of sandboxed applications

  4. log files don’t remember the sorting of columns

One suggestion: it would be good if the sandboxed applications would be recognized by a icon or a title in use, same like sandboxie.

Thanks for the good work.