Some Bookmarks suddenly not working on Dragon?

From 21st until now 22nd January, Twitter and Hotmail links will not connect from my Dragon bookmarks.
When I type in the URLs in the address bar manually, I get a phishing warning from Dragon!
Other bookmarks appear to be working - I even got a facebook video to play :open_mouth:
WTF is going on?
This browser is going from bad to worse! :-TD

Both connecting fine with IE browser…Sort it!

Tried 3 different browsers at work today----ALL connected to both twitter and Hotmail/outlook, no problem. So the problem is Dragon- WHAT a surprise :open_mouth:

Next question - when I tried to install a new browser and wanted to import bookmarks - Dragon isn’t listed to import from!
HOW do I do that please?

Referring to another post on here, from LAST YEAR(!!!), I disabled Secure DNS and lo and behold! I have twitter and hotmail again…
I just found out a twitter contact died on Friday, FFS! It would have been nice to send condolences 2 days ago…

FFS this browser is a pile of dog ■■■■!
If you can’t keep us connected then what is the point?