Some basic computer help!!

is there any moderator online that can help me with a different kind of computer problem?? fast and quick i am positive…

let me know if your available for like 2 minutes maybe 5… lol i need some advice/help… Dell is gay and wouldnt help me and you guys are awesome and know everything about computers so if you would please help me…

huh ??? so what exactly your problem is? (:NRD)

my computer was well is making this humming noise and just started today… what steps i took to figure out WTF was going on…

Step 1: Vaccummed out the whole system dust everything…
Step 2: (still made noise) went online to see what else it could be
– responses Fan, Dust, Power, and memory even…
Step 3: poking and not really but just wondering what it was… (fans work and all that)
Step 4: accidentally made the noise hickup like from steady bzzzzzzzzzzzz to bzzzzzzzzzzzzz…zzzzzzzzzz…zzzz
Step 5: released pressure from 3.5 floppy drive and back to regular bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Step 6: Unscrewed 3.5 drive and realized… HOLY SHIT THATS IT!!!

Question: Since my 3.5 drive doesnt work anyway - wont read 3.5 from the get go even when we got the thing cause i dont think we asked for it to… can i just remove the plugs to it and let it not be connected without it affecting my computer and part 2… Can i do it while the computer is on or wait til i turn off the comp and do it then!

no? no help??

well since you dont want to help me with this i am running the GMER program for the “other” problem Global Hook im the Insane one… I am looking at the results as they come up and i see the first few are COMODO i know those are safe then the rest are all ending with a KERNEL32.DLL… know anything about that… i will post the results too when its done just letting you know what im seeing

sorry.can’t help you with that. i’ll move this post to general topic :slight_smile: .
let’s hope someone else can help you.

just a lucky guess, maybe it’s your powersupply? 88)

ok look just let me know if i was getting rid of my 3.5 floppy can i take it out?? all i need to know. lol

Wow your an impatient one. Its very simply. Leave it in your tower and just unplug it. Presto problem fixed. No biggie.

You can do as V suggested and unplug it or you could disable it in “Device Manager”

On XP Control Panel/System/In “System properties” window, Hardware then Device manager/Highlight the floppy disk drive an select uninstall(the pc with a cross on) say OK
You should now end up with a red cross on the device and it won`t work.


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Yea i was just worried it might affect my computer somehow and so i just took the initiative and unplugged it since it was about to drive me crazy with the buzzing… but thats for the responses…