Some Advice For Comodo

Hello I must ask do we vet the geekbuddy staff? as other week just to test it out I tried geekbuddy and whoever the staff member/remote admin for need of a better word was went inot system information and typed virus then I waited 25 minutes while he done god knows what to my pc but after it a lot of my icons where missing and shorcuts deleted.

Now when was it ever needed to go into system information and type in virus to find a problem? I take it this was some sort of guise while he was being nosey checking my pc and/or downloading files from my pc. I mean what is this some sort of data collection thing like google do?

I asked him what was purpouse of him doing this and told the next staff member I connected to that I had lost some of my shortcuts and he said he would check sO I waited 10 minutes and got no reply so I asked him same thing, why would you go into system information and type virus to find a problem and what virus calls its self virus??

Any explanation? I have since removed geekbuddy and will continue my work like I always do but will never trust geekbuddy until I know what vetting process we use for our staff.