Solving Hi CPU problems [v7] [Draft]

This is a quick FAQ to help people installing version 7 on lower powered machines who find CIS uses too much CPU.

  • Use the Classic theme. You change this in Advanced Settings ~ General ~ User Interface
  • Do not use the advanced version of the main interface
  • Optionally Untick ‘enable adaptive mode’ in Advanced Settings ~ Defence+ ~ HIPS ~ HIPS settings. (This will reduce security if malware and CIS are competing for system resources).

Other suggestions can be found in a version 5 FAQ: here. If following these suggestions I would suggest that any settings changes are made manually, not by importing the version 5 config provided.

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This FAQ has been prepared by a volunteer moderator – with input from many other moderators (Thanks everyone, especially: Captainsticks). It has been produced on a best endeavours basis - it will be added to and corrected as we find out more. Please note that I am not a member of staff and therefore cannot speak on behalf of Comodo.[/i]