[Solved] Yellow striped lines when using search function CD browser

When i used search function in comodo browser version) yellow striped
lines appeared under scroll bar when i type in words.
The more letters typed in the more striped lines appear.

Browser installed in default location(C:\Program Files\COMODO\Dragon) administrators
rights,operating system windows XP 32-bit SP3 ,default theme(no other themes installed),
no plugins installed.

Edit:The yellow striped lines are not a bug but a part of using search in a page and they
can be clicked on to show where is the next searched word is located.

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Ummm …

Because you’re searching WITHIN the current page and it’s highlighting the search results.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Hello there Panic.

I am sorry for not making myself clear.
Right hand side of screen,scroll bar side,lines appear under the path of the scroll bar when
i type letters or words using browser search.
Look at the picture right hand side and notice yellow striped lines under the scroll bar.

I see what you mean.

What O/S do you have, what video card do you have and what version drivers are loaded?

Ewen :slight_smile:

Windows XP 32-bit SP3 ,video card Gigabyte GV-N26OC-896H GeForce GTX 260 bios F3
driver 257.21 WHQL downloaded from Nvidia web site.

Yep, same here ???.


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Hi, Tarantela

All those yellow lines show the occurrence of the words you searched for.
It helps you to know where the search word is located on the page, so you can easily scroll down(up) to the next yellow line on the scroll bar and you’ll see that on that position will be highlighted search word.


Hello Valentin.

I have attached a new picture in my first post visually explaining the bug in the browser.
Those striped lines are not necessary because when you use ctrl+f next and previous button
you will find next or previous highlighted searched word.

Essentially that is showing you roughly where the highlighted text is on the scrollbar. Go ahead and click on one of those yellow lines.

Take a look at this old blog post, which discusses exactly what you are seeing.

Good find Sal Amander.
I thought it was a bug but the article you found proves that it is not a bug.
I tested g**gle chrome and i never found it to be what i want.

It is not similar to opera where you can use opera:config and firefox about:config to
edit wast amount of settings,also the interface of g**gle chrome is too minimalistic
and lacking a lot of accessible settings.

Another ting to mention is its adblock and it is awful and not configurable like
operas and firefox adblock is.
I just wanted to see for my self what comodo dragon browser is all about by examining
it and tinkering with its settings.

After a long time of examining and tinkering i came to the conclusion that g**gle
chrome and comodo dragon are not the browsers for me.

I have found everything i need in opera internet browser.

The OP is NOT talking about the search term highlighting or about the yellow certificate bar.

He is referring to the yellow artefacts in the SCROLL BAR - see attached image.

Ewen :slight_smile:

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Maybe it’s me but I find this feature totally useless and not accurate ???. Surely the highlighting of the word is enough or am I missing something.


It can be used to find (CTRL-F) a specific term on the current page and highlight it. Useful if you’re wading through a long page looking for specific information.

Ewen :slight_smile:

I haven’t got a problem with the “Find” feature (that is usefull), just those horizontal yellow lines.


The reason for the yellow lines in the scroll bar is to indicate that there are further occurences of the searched term that are off screen further down the page. It’s just a means of alerting the user that they may only be looking at the first handful of occurences of hte searched term.

I can see the sense in it, but it, IMHO, doesn’t look the best.

Ewen :slight_smile: