[Solved] Strange displaying of youtube page

Hi guys. I have installed new IceDragon few weeks ago. Yesterday I wanted to play some video on youtube and I spotted some difference in look of youtube page. I’ve disabled all extensions but nothing changed. It’s strange, because youtube looks absolutely normal in original Firefox, Opera 12, Chrome 22 and IE 9.
Here’s the screen how it looks.
Up is the newest Chrome and down is the newest IceDragon
I’ve got the newest flash player, also javascript is enabled.
Do You have any idea where the problem could be?
Thank You
Mod edit: Added solved to the title, Captainsticks.

Hi and welcome Ageiris,
The new look for YouTube.
Clear your browsing data history cache etc from IceDragon.
Kind regards.

thank You so much:) Clearing Cache,history, etc helped me. Now I can fully switch from Chrome to IceDragon :slight_smile:
Problem solved

You are welcome, glad it worked. :slight_smile: