[Solved] Sharing Buttons

Hi how can I get my social sharing icons back. When I go to YouTube to share a video there not there. Thanks.
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Hi and welcome Mark24,
Under the clip you are viewing do you have the options shown in the screenshot?

[attachment deleted by admin]

Hi yes that is the problem I have I can’t see them.

Hi Mark24,
Try clearing your browsing data. Ctrl+Shift+Del
Try disabling all browser extensions, in particular any script or ad blocking extensions.
Found under tools in the main menu.

Is the issue only happening with Dragon?


Hi yes it is only happening with Dragon.

Hi Mark24,
Sorry I am not sure what is happening if my suggestions above fail, as I am unable to replicate the issue here.
Let us hope someone else has some ideas.

Kind regards.

Hi thanks for your help it was adblock plus that was doing it. Sorted now.

That is good to hear Mark24, thanks for letting us know. :slight_smile: