***SOLVED*** ! New "color" scheme - shades of gray - terrible ! [74.0.3279.157]

Last CD version changed the color scheme w/o asking. As such I find the, light gray ? on black b-g, text in the URL+search “omnibar” very difficult to read. Also gray on black (?) labels of unselected tabs ! All in all this new scheme is both ugly and all but unusable !

I am confident there is a way to revert to the former default tab, isn’t there ? Please guide me thru the options menu, is this what “themes” are about ? I want my black on white text in the omnibar back ! Oh, and plz don’t feed us just another random “chrome extension” : extensions are a waste of resources, and often are insecure…



on black b-g, text in the URL+search "omnibar" very difficult to read
can you try this, I dont know if it will help you or not as I never had a problem with small letters although my dad does In the address bar type this or copy and paste


Last CD version changed the color scheme
I cant help you there

That wasn’t it. But I have found the cause hence am following up, for what it’s worth,
Windows 10 had decided by itself ° to switch to a “dark theme”, which automatically was reflected in Dragon (probably also in Edge and other “modern” apps, which I don’t use, so I had seen this change ONLY in C.D…)

Reverted to the previous “light theme” - or whatever they call it - and all is well that ends well (till the next disturbance that Microsoft slips sooner or later onto our desktops).

° At any rate I do not remember changing it myself, and I’m the sole user of this system… Gremlins ?

Hello Czerno, thank you for repporting this problem, the default LightGrey theme was not changed for many versions, and the microsoft Dark Mode “theme” changes to browsers are a bit unpredicatble at the moment, our Dev Team is currently working on it and we think we gonna have it done by the next version release