[solved]isestart.exe outbound UDP, program does not exist?

I run a server with COMODO CIS as the firewall. The log today said that isestart.exe UDP outbound asked, but I could not handled as it runs unattended.
Now, I wanted to make it allowed in Firewall/Application/ rule, but I could not find the exe progran in “Progran Files”, “Program Files (X86)”, nor “Program Data” folders.
Where is it?

I think it is a part of COMODO program.
Only similar program I found is in Windows prefetch folder as “ISESTART.EXE-FC53A575.pf”. I think this is not the one which initiated UDP outbound request.
rgds Tak

Where does the log say it came from? It will list the file path to the application.

Thanks for the suggestion, found the path:

(My log analyser eliminated the path.)
Sounds like a temp file unziped.
Is this a CIS updater install activity?
Is it safe to approve isestart.exe (without path)?
Or is there no harm by just ignoring the event?

You can ignore or uninstall ISE as is it used for detecting SSL MitM attacks.

Appreciate your help.