[SOLVED] Install free email certificate on Mac OS 10.14 not showing in keychain

Hello Everyone.

I am trying to install a couple of the free email certificates on a Mac running OS 10.14 and using apple mail.
The browser I am using is Firefox 62.0.3 . I get the message that the certificate has been installed but they don’t appear in the keychain. I tried a few times. clearing the data and history of the browser also restarting the computer and nothing.
Any ideas?

Thank you.

I got it fixed.

Would you mind sharing how it got fixed in case others have the same issue.

Thanks in advance,
Ewen :slight_smile:

In the Firefox settings under privacy and security. toward the bottom there is a button to view the certificates. you select the one you want and click the backup button. make sure you add the P12 extension to whatever your naming it. firefox doesn’t do it automatically. so like if your naming it something like “mycertificate” the name should be mycertificate.p12 save the file and than just import it into the keychain app.

not being a Firefox user this above solution took me ages to figure out, so those like me here it is:

in Firefox, click the three little lines top right of the window, pulls down a menu, choose Preferences, then ON THE LEFT of the window, under General,Home, Search appears Privacy & Security - click that


and there is “Certificates” - OVER ON THE RIGHT are two rectangular “buttons” click “View Certificates”

a POP UP appears (make sure you don’t have popups blocked) it says “Certificate Manage” in the window title, click on “Your Certificates” JUST BELOW the title and therein is my COMODO CA Limited certificate shown on a line (shows my email address I want secured), select it (click on it once)

DOWN THE BOTTOM of the window are 5 rectangular buttons, click “Backup…”

a SaveAs dialogue opens, choose a name you like (no spaces is probably wise) and a .p12 (extension) at the end.

Choose a suitable location on your computer.

Click save. (and enter a suitable password when asked, for the file, which will be requested by keychain.app upon import)

NOW (Finally) keychain.app

click on my certificates

I used drag and drop to drop my downloaded cert into my certificates, it asked for the above entered password and then the cert appeared in my certs and apple mail (close it, open it) finally shows the secured icon on the right of emails being written…

My personal opinion
It’s about time the industry, with all its claims about security and telling us all the sites we know are secure are not (like on my home network!) and that they are unsafe, which in my opinion is fear mongering for profit; should get its act in order and build all this properly in to everything . My view is with the exception of large corporate stuff, we are being ripped off for a few text files. It’s just money for the boys - and a massive theft of my time for their profit. We should be able to roll out SPF, DKIM and dmarc without the complexity that also entails; and it means we don’t need these certificates if DNS is employed as it could be. Make it all server side and not user based also enabling the block of much of the spam we suffer at the same time.

COMODO - First time ever I got a certificate to actually work. Well done (aside from the inordinate complexity)