[Solved] Ice Dragon On Webpage

When do you guys plan on having Ice Dragon on the COMODO webpage? I did happen to notice that you developers of Ice Dragon used my favorite web browser to make Ice Dragon ;D! Very Well Done! LOC

LOC=Lots Of Claps
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:-TU :-TU

good idea… why there is no webpage/homepage for IceDragon?

maybe is still in beta version :slight_smile:

I’d like to see it on the website as well.

And me. Working really well here. One add-on bug & a few skin quibbles, that’s all.

It has half made the journey here.
The download link works, but the more info link is still inactive or broken.

Edit: IceDragons webpage is now actice.
Comodo IceDragon Internet Browser
Comodo IceDragon Online Help
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