[Solved] How to locate my TAP-Win32 MAC adddress

I realize this is a very basic and newbie question. I am familiar with cmd line ipconfig/all but I’m not sure what physical address I am looking for.

Here’s what I am trying to do. I want to create a VPN killswitch, one that stops all incoming and outgoing traffic if my VPN client drops. I am using an actual software client from my provider which has a built-in kill switch, but it happens that the client crashes and the traffic remains open, thus defeating the purpose.

I am following this tutorial - How to Create a Custom VPN Kill Switch in Windows my tech oriented brother suggested after confirming it seemed to be a good solution… but I haven’t been able to get past creating a Network Zone, because I can’t identify my physical address properly. It says to look for Tap-Win32 info but I don’t have that.

I have 3 different adapters that show under ipconfig/all:

  • Ethernet adapter 2 - Description: Tap-Windows Adapter v9 - Media Disconnected

  • Ethernet adapter - Description: Intel Ethernet Connection - This one looks connected and has an address

  • Tunnel adapter isatap - Description: Microsoft ISATAP Adapter 2 - Media Disconnected

I am running Windows 10
I do NOT have the VPN client currently connected
I am connected through ethernet, not wifi

Do I need to connect to a VPN server first? Is one of those 3 adapters the one I am looking for to add to my Network Zone?

Sorry again for the beginner questions, thanks in advance!

Also, I don’t know if this matters, but Comodo Firewall is left on when I am running the ipconfig all command

- Ethernet adapter 2 - Description: Tap-Windows Adapter v9 - Media Disconnected
That is the Tap adapter you're looking for. It's disconnected because you're not connected to the VPN when you ran the ipconfig command.

Ah got it, thanks for clarifying for me. I tried using the address on the connected adapter at first. I just tested with the VPN connected, and indeed it now is getting an address.