[Solved] Emergency! (well in the sake of security...)

Hello i have recently reinstalled comodo because for some reason it said (Needs Attention) so it says virus signitures were out of date so i click on update and it immediately says completed and it still says virus signitures are out of date, so i press update button and it says complete immediately again. So i uninstalled comodo and shut off my computer like it asked and then redownloaded it. I have a 1.5 mbps connection so it took a while to redownload. I Then reinstalled it and i got the same error (WTF) So has anyone else been having issues like this besides me?
If so is there a fix?
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Did you run the diagnostics? If so did it find any problems?

Um i know i may sound dumb, but how do you run diagnostics? cause i goggled it and i could not find a way to run it! Also i forgot to mention that every time i try to run scan it always says scan aborted. Should i be concerned with that?

Good news! I found Diagnostics it was kinda hidden in the question mark! Sadly after about 65% it closed out and didn’t say nothing about problems found or no problems found… :cry: Anyone got any um… ideas to fix it?

Hi Pelasgians,
It sounds to me as if some form of corruption to CIS has occurred.
I would suggest trying a clean uninstall/reinstall following the advice posted by Chiron in the link below.
Most Effective Way to Reinstall/Update CIS to Avoid/Fix Problems

well i used advanced start up and tried to remove everything and reinstall windows, however it said after preparing changes or whatever. It said windows could not reset windows. So then i ended up restarting holding F4 before the OS boots up and went into recovery lucky that worked. I then deleted everything and reinstalled windows to factory image. and now im updating to windows 8.1 before i even touch install comodo if that makes a difference. So my question is did i get some sort of unknown malware that tried to prevent me from cleaning it? I mean updates suddenly ceased to work.

good new updates are now working now that i reseted windows so it must of been either malware or i needed to do some extra cleaning of comodo like you said! I wish i would of done it instead of reinstalling windows, but thanks next time this happens i will definitely use your idea! :-TU ;D :-TU
Issue has been solved

Hi Pelasgians,
Sorry to hear that you had to reinstall the operating system, but it is good to hear it is now functioning correctly. :slight_smile:

Thanks for letting us know.