[SOLVED] Defense+ not "showing" the scan while purging

It is not so important but I liked it 88)… until yesterday when I clicked on “Purge” in Defense+ window i used to see a little “scanning files window” (let’s call it this way) and at the end a message came out.

Now, while purging Defense+ doesn’t show anything and (correctly) gives the same old message at the end, so it is not a matter of malfunction but something else.

What I did was reloading my configuration.
After that I reloaded I was no more able to “see” Defense+ scanning files.

What do I have to do to have it back?

Hmmm… Beats me. ??? I’ve never seen it do that on my system.

Same here, i have never seen it do that.

In fact it was the first time for me too :-\ and it happened only at the first installation of 3.10…531

As it says in help:

Purge - Runs a system check to verify that all the applications for which policies are listed are actually installed on the host machine at the path specified. If not, the policy is removed, or ‘purged’, from the list.

Yes, I (we) knew it already.
The fact is that until some days ago when I clicked on Purge and while scanning and making the system check I saw also those filenames rapidly appearing on a small windows that came out while the scan was going on, and now the scan is (let’s say) silent.

Like it magically disappeared… it magically reappeared again after the installation of a program (no matter what, I think that “installing something” unblocked that part of the GUI) 88)
Look at the screenshot

So consider this matter as SOLVED

Thanks anyway guys :-TU

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