[Solved] Configuring Comodo with Virgin Media Hub 3.0?

Hi, I’ve been using Comodo for the last 5+ years as my firewall without any issues, last week I switched ISP to Virgin Media.

I noticed straight away that Comodo no longer had any effect on my incoming and outgoing connections, the hub 3 has a built in firewall, but even when I disable it Comodo no longer works, my application rules are being completely ignored and when I set Comodo to “Block All” nothing happens.

I’ve had no answer from VM how to configure the modem to allow me to use a third party firewall, can anyone point me in the right direction or give advice on how to get Comodo to take over my connection again.

…go easy, I’m a 3D artist not an IT tech :wink:


Can you explain what you mean by noting happens when you set CFW to block all mode? When block all is in effect then no outgoing or incoming connections will be allowed. You can check by trying to use the ping command from the windows command prompt and if successful you need to check the network adapter properties to make sure the firewall driver is enabled on the adapter that connects your computer to the media hub.

Oh man that’s all it was,

Normal service is resumed…don’t tell anyone. :wink:

Many thanks :-TU