[Solved] Comodo IceDragon Setup False Error?

Im going to try out Comodo IceDragon, Last time i tried Comodo Dragon and enjoyed it.

But some error keeps me from installing it:


There is no application being run by Comodo in my computer (Except for the installer of course.)

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Hi and welcome S.Santiago,
Have you tried rebooting the system and try again?
Close all browsers before trying to install in case of a conflict.
Check Windows task manager for any IceDragon processes.


  1. Rebooting the computer doesnt seem to work

2.Closed all browsers opened, Still doesnt work

  1. Checked Windows Task Manager, and the only Comodo based Process there i see is “IceDragon.exe”, Which is the installer

I Can’t wait to use it, im using Internet Explorer 8 now, and it’s dragging me to Internet Browser hell

Hi S.Santiago,
‘IceDragon.exe’ is a browser process the installer should be ‘IceDragonsetup.exe’, do you see this process when running the installer?
If yes try ending the IceDragon process and see if installation continues.

What step do you get up to before it fails?
Installation instructions

Also from the failed attempts, check the following locations for any Profile user data which could now be corrupt.
Remove the user data folders/files and try again.

Kind regards.

Well, the installer’s process name on my Computer is “IceDragon.exe”

and whenever i end “IceDragon.exe”, It closes the Installer

The error appears after Step 4, So, it’s Step 5

I Cant seem to find both of those folders in my C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Application Data

OS: Windows XP

But, If i havent installed IceDragon before it wont appear

Hi S.Santiago,
IceDragon.exe is the incorrect name for the installer.
When the installer notices this process running, it automatically presumes IceDragon is open.

The installers name has been modified if it is IceDragon.exe, this makes me wonder if it is a legit file.

Please disregard that installer file in case it is has been tampered with in other ways other than the incorrect name.

Please download a new installer ‘IceDragonsetup.exe’ from the Forum link below and try again.
Comodo IceDragon ver. is now available for download!

Kind regards.

P.S. If you did not alter the file name yourself, can you please post the download location for the incorrectly named file?
Thank you.

Now i Understand!, every time i download the setup, i always rename it as “IceDragon.exe”!

It’s because i have a folder in my computer named “Internet Browsers” which contains all my Internet Browser setups, which i remove the version and put the exact name, For example: “firefoxsetup2200” and then i rename it to “Mozilla Firefox” so whenever i download another Firefox Browser, I Just overwrite the file

Sorry for the 3-day question brigade, as it turns out that it was just a Rename Problem


Hi S.Santiago,
No sorry required, it is a relief to know that the file name was changed by you. :wink:

Thank you.