[Solved] Comodo firewall blocks Hamachi pings


I’ve started using Comodo a few weeks ago after formatting (I used AVG before). Since then, my Hamachi peers can’t ping me unless I disable Comodo’s firewall (and more importantly, they can’t connect). One of my peers has been having this same problem for a while (and has all sorts of trouble when disabling Comodo’s firewall, something like intrusions being detected, but that’s another problem).

I’m a total noob when it comes to networking, so I haven’t tried anything more than simply allowing the 2 hamachi processes in Comodo’s firewall settings (hamachi-2.exe and LMIGuardianSvc.exe). Of course, in vain.

So, disabling Comodo’s firewall every time I need to use hamachi doesn’t bother me so much, but this antivirus being the best one I’ve come across (so far), I reckon I should at least try to learn how to use it properly. Oddly, all the threads I’ve dug up on this are from around 10 years ago. Hopefully that’s because this is so simple to fix that I’m one of the first goofs that haven’t been able to do it themselves.

Please help this goof. :3

What does your global rules look like? Also try enabling logging for each block rule defined under global rules by double-clicking the rule and selecting log as firewall event if this rule is fired. Then have a peer use ping and then check the firewall event logs to see the blocked intrusion.

Alright, following your witty advice, I checked the logs :

The ip displayed match (source is my peer’s hamachi ip, destination is mine)

Now here’s what the rules look like (note that they’re all default rules, I didn’t touch anything before the screenshot) :

I added a global rule for allowing ICMPv4 echo requests in, and then my peer could ping me. I then tested if he could connect, and sure enough, he couldn’t, so I made another rule to allow any traffic with my hamachi peer’s ip as source. Just to be sure, what’s your advice on the kind of rule I should make ? What’s the safest ? Did I do it right or should I change something ?

Yes setting a global rule based on the peer source IP address is safe due to the way hamachi assigns each client their IP address.

Alright then problem solved, thanks a ton for helping me :). It was indeed pretty simple.