[SOLVED] CMF not let compile an application written in Visual Studio 2005/2008

Melih :

Me, here again

After installing CMF (great improvement) I tried to compile an application witten in VB 2005 but my machine froze up. Before that I tried to install the Framework 3.5 prior to install Visual Studio 2008 Express, it failed miserably to install both products.

To solve the problem

  1. I did a backup of all my data
  2. I restored my PC using Acronis 9.1 Workstation Full Edition
  3. Restored my data and I compiled my application (Visual Studio 2005 compiled my application, so the problem was gone, it worked fine)
  4. I reinstalled CMF CMF
  5. I tried to compile again the application (so I uninstalled CMF
  6. I compiled again the application and worked fine
  7. After I installed Visual Studio 2008 Express (Framework 3.5 included, its the core as you know of the Visual Studio Suite)

Conclusions Attention : Just guessing to isolate the issue

  1. Compiling with Visual Studio means to access a memory area range that are protected by CMF
  2. 512 MB RAM it is not enough to work with Visual Studio and CMF, after all just loading Visual Studio uses a range of 192 - 384 MB RAM
  3. So I think the .NET Framework does not work along with CMF (So I guess that VS 2002/2003 will not work with CMF).

I have CPF installed

Bottom line:

VS 2002 .NET Framework 1.0
VS 2003 .NET Framework 1.1
VS 2005 .NET Framework 2.0
VS 2008 .NET Framework 3.5

Any ideas???


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What about Visual Studio??? or better .NET Framework (any version) ???. It won’t let you compile, or update the Frameworks

Any ideas???


Miguel Angel

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Hi everyone :

If you noticed, in the last weekend (end of January) I posted a topic about CMF and Visual Studio. Yes and I said I uninstalled CMF, and there is another topic of mine that I say that CMF works great. So maybe and I don’t want to believe that all the CMF forumers don’t want to give me some advice for the reason that I uninstalled CMF

  1. When I tried to compile an application of mine, it spent days after I installed CMF, in fact it it was an uneasy feeling when it happened because I don’t run Visual Studio every day.

  2. It was a VERY awkward feeling to post the topic, but I had to do it. I like CMF honestly, but for an unknown reason it crashed with Visual Studio and it didn’t let me install the .NET Framework 3.5.
    I’m not the kind of person that at the first moment can say after an issue “This software sucks”, I read it all the time even when it’s about Microsoft because I use Microsoft products. It isn’t in my nature as a person to show contempt to my peers or fellows. I’m also a programmer, so I show all the respect that the COMODO staff and the developer team and because we are talking about free software, that’s the ultimate reason to acknowledge the work put in the COMODO PRODUCTS

  3. I uninstalled CMF and also felt uneasy because I didn’t mean it to uninstall but as I said before CMF don’t le me to compile in Visual Studio

  4. Thanks for reading the post and I keep the CMF installer in a folder

  5. Sorry for my English and my possible overreaction


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To Melih

I had a problem with my machine (the fan was not working properly) and I went to the technical service and solved the fan (I bought a new power supply, and I added memory to the computer so it has 768MB, so I reinstalled CMF , compiled in VS 2005 and all went awesome, no freezing at all, and so here I’m again with CMF

So for me the topic can be deleted ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Thanks a lot

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Sometimes assistant 'cause such problem, sometimes project cache.