[solved]CESM cannot see CAS

i installed CESM
I downloaded the packages
i deployed CAS on CESM server
it still shows grey in CESM as the CAS was not installed.

agent is up and running.

CESM server: Windows 2012, 4 core CPU, 4 Gb Ram, 40 Gb free space

SOLVED - reboot required, not quite ok to reboot the server for this to be seen as client… maybe you might start working on this one


Was the ESM server restarted, after the CAS deployment? In case it wasn’t, please restart it and check if it still shows as not installed in ESM console-> computers area.

  • ESM agent deployment doesn’t requires a restart
    -CES/CAS deployment requires a restart. It can be postponed , but it’s recommended to restart the machines in order for CES/CAS to function properly.

i later edited. it needed reboot indeed.
this is quite inconvenoient qhen you do it on a server.

Hi adrianrus,

Antivirus products need to reboot their host machines so that they can ‘wrap’ the Windows kernel in order to protect it. Unlike Linux/Mac, the only way to do this on a Windows machine is to take Windows offline - i.e. reboot.

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