[solved] cant install new version because of older installation

Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit

Yesterday I got the update/upgrade and ran into the same problem as many other users. The installation hang at 85%. Unfortunally I had to shut down the computer and wasnt able to wait more hours.

Today I got the well known error “Security Agent could not be startet”
So I downloaded the newest installer from the homepage and tried to just install the new version over the older one - which didnt work.

Next try was to remove Comodo using the Windows Uninstall. Well - I got the message that the setup stopped.

So I removed Comodo manually.

  • stopped all comodo services
  • removed comodo drivers from the network
  • deleted the comodo folders in Program Files and Program Data
  • removed all entries containing “comodo” from the registry
  • removed several dll´s from system folder which contained Comodo as signature - like cmdvrt64.dll
  • ran ccleaner to clear the registry from references to those dll´s , installers , files etc
    and tried to reinstall Comodo using cispremium_installer_6100_08.exe

I got the error that there is still a older installation that I have to uninstall first.
(its a little joke by comodo I guess… as they dont give any tool to do this. I guess they dont even know how to do this)

ok so I read the topic Comodo Forum like hundret times. A lot of those helpful steps are not possible at Win7 64bit because that topic is 7 years old.

  • installed that “Autoruns” to remove any comodo services from autorun - there were none left because I already got them earlier
  • installed Revo Uninstaller - it cant find anything of Comodo
  • ran the uninstaller tool as mentioned in the topic - it did something but it didnt help
  • tried the “windows installer cleanup utility” - did not help

so whatever I try - the installer still writes that I have to remove the older installation first.
In my oppinion there is nothing left of comodo. Everything works fine - nothing is blocked. So I have no real issues except that I cant install Comodo anymore.

So it seems that I have to look for alternative AV Solutions now - as comodo doesnt seem to be thrustworthy anymore. A software-developer that doesnt support a removal tool for their software sounds like malware. A installer thats not able to overwrite older versions of its own (called “upgrade”) - sounds non-professional. And I have read the whole forum and the really rare helpful content came from community members (thanks to you guys btw.)

Same problem as you none of the uninstallers work.


Probably because of all the bloatware they are putting in CIS lately.

Does anyone know how to remove CIS? I’ve had enough, I’ll just use the windows firewall until I find a replacement.

as you can see in my post - I guess I removed everything of comodo. My system works as before - nothing is blocked.
Its just that I cant install cis again and I´m not sure if I want this.

reactivated windows firewall too. And still looking for a useful Internet Security solution.

If the new install is detecting a previous install, then no you weren’t successful in removing it. I want it gone so I can use something else.

This is more a Microsoft bug than a Comodo’s one but really cause by Comodo’s failed installation.
Go to Microsoft and download the MSCleanup Tool which is now part of the FIX-IT Diagnostic tools.

Download the MicrosoftProgram_Install_and_Uninstall.meta.diagcab file using the download button and launch it.

Select do not repair automatically.
Launch and run a scan
Select Uninstall

If it shows any of comodo’s application in the list, select it and click next to uninstall and cleanup the MSI information, that should repair the MSI Package information and remove the current installation position for that package.

If there are no entries for comodo in the list you can select Not Listed and then used the following GUIDS including brackets for the installation packages.


After all is clean up you should be able to reinstall. If you don’t intend to reinstall than I would still suggest you follow other removal posts and associated tools to then removed comodo’s file and information, it’s pinned to the top of this forum.

- tried the "windows installer cleanup utility" - did not help

I already tried that. And now I also tried the 5 brackets you have posted and … nothing
still the well known message that there is a older version installed that can´t be uninstalled.

But Microsoft Security Essentials installed fine. As this is just my gaming computer this kind of security should be enough. On my business computer I use Eset - which never had any problem.

There is another option. Did you remove the legacy keys from registry? Search in the registry for “comodo” and you’ll see them. They have names like “LEGACY_CMDGUARD” and such. You have to change ownership and permissions to do this. Here’s thread that may help:

Did you try running the clean up tool in Windows Safe Mode?

@23. I split your post from the “Why did you uninstall CIS? Please help us improve by telling us why” topic and merged it with this one. The Why did you uninstall topic is only meant for reporting why people uninstalled CIS. We moderate strictly to prevent the topic from becoming another help topic.

I didnt search for those legacy keys but will try that soon. I searched for everything containing “comodo” , “CIS.” and “cmdagent”.
The cleanup tool (if you meant the microsoft one) doesnt work in safe mode - as it needs the installer service to be running.
But I am Administrator and UAC is disabled - I also stopped all comodo services in the service panel and in the taskmanager process-list.
As stated above - there is no comodo folder left on my hdd - had no problems with locked files/folders or anything like that.

Run this removal tool make sure you right-click and select run as administrator reboot and run the CIS installer again.

the removal tool worked. It seems that the problem was the inspect.sys/.dll which I didn´t see.
I crawled that batch manually - and then reinstalled Comodo

so thanks a lot futuretech

why dont you put all those removals into a comodo signed exe file - call it comodo_uninstaller.exe and place it in a pinned topic?
It would make the life of you and a lot of users way easier. As many of the threads and tutorials are really old and dont work. And also there are a lot of references to 3rd party tools which are not really trustworthy. Most users dont want to remove Comodo to get rid of it - most users try to remove comodo to get a really clean install to avoid problems - so its not against the corp to release a professional removing tool.

There is this pinned topic but umesh did stat this when asked about making an official removal tool.