[SOLVED] Can't access files in Back-Up due to "Security Privileges"

I made a back-up of my Win7 installation before (clean) installing Windows 10.

Now I want to access the files in my previous user profile in the back-up. When I mount the back-up and go to my user folder, it says I do not have permission to read that folder. This in turn makes all my personal files inaccessible.

How do I get access to my files? Is it possible to extract the back-up so I can read the files? Can I open them outside of Windows so I can by-pass the security settings? (Files are not encrypted).

I guess I am going to put the image on an old harddrive, with data I can loose/back up properly, and then access it via booting or even better via Linux.

Problem solved! ;D

When you mount the back-up, it’s read-only so you can’t change the permission 88). I restored the back-up and am now able to acces all the files again. :azn: