(solved) Cannot install comodo firewall error 1638

I’m on Windows 7 x64. For some reason comodo firewall stopped working (it was starting with critical error). Comodo uninstaller did no worked so I removed manually all the comodo service files and registry keys. Unfortunately when I try to reinstall comodo I get error 1638. I the log I see:

[2308] 15:0:12 ui\wizards\install\flow\InstallFlow_Downloading.cpp:40	>> All downloads finished
[2308] 15:0:12 apps\CisOldVersions.cpp:32	>> Other CIS (id = {67DA4459-33A8-4E69-9C7B-FB5CBADA60AB}) version found
[2308] 15:0:12 apps\CisOldVersions.cpp:32	>> Other CIS (id = {67DA4459-33A8-4E69-9C7B-FB5CBADA60AB}) version found

How to remove this “Other CIS” key ? which registry key is it ? Please help me I fighting this already two days :cry:
Please find attached full comodo log from temp folder.

run this Comodo Forum from Comodo Forum

thanks but it did not helped :cry: I tried “2. REMOVE COMDOO INTERNET SECURITY FILES/FOLDERS AND REGISTRY” but still get error 1638.

Seeing as you are using Windows 7 also use the other removal tool. It goes without saying but make sure you do this under an admin account and if needed right-click and select run as administrator.

but this tool is super old posted April 21, 2011 I will not run it cuz I’m afraid it will destroy my system more.
Shame comodo does not have any official tool for error 1638 :frowning: since they know how to fix it.

Which is why you should make a system restore checkpoint or other kind of system image backup. I am sorry but those two linked tools is all we have for now to work with. Comodo is working on an official uninstall tool as seen from this reply here:https://forums.comodo.com/install-setup-configuration-help-cis/why-cant-comodo-provide-a-full-uninstaller-tool-themselves-t118436.0.html;msg852428#msg852428

I was sceptic to get solution to this issue on comodo official forum and I was right :(. The only tools/scripts that you have are from 2010/2011 ! We have 2017 now ! Of course they will not work. This is ridicules I will stay away from Comodo software.

i used those tools on my windows 10 and everything was fine

for the same error code 1638 ?

If I remember correctly, I did a comparison with a much older script-- there was almost no difference. Should be OK.

PS: It is unclear if you followed futuretech’s suggestion.

you mean if I run the script as administrator the anwser is yes

Please attach another install log.

Try :
msiexec /x {67DA4459-33A8-4E69-9C7B-FB5CBADA60AB}
msiexec /x “C:\ProgramData\Comodo Downloader\cis\download\installs\5005\xml_binaries\cis\cis_setup_x64.msi”

To be sure I repeated the steps. I rebooted and run the script (“COMODO Removal Tool 2014 - Mods version.bat”) as admin, rebooted and this time the installation succeeded. Apologies to futuretech for my rudeness but I was pretty frustrated trying to get this to work.

Case closed. Thank all you for help. :-TU