Solution to get home network running with CFP v3.0.7.208 Beta [Closed]


I managed to get my home network running without any problems using CFP v3.0.7.208 Beta. I have written a small tutorial which can be viewed at :BNC

Please do reply and state if it works for you. Also, if you have a better way of implementing it, please share. (:CLP)


I just checked that link…great work man…



You could also use the “Firewall Stealth Configuration” under “FIREWALL>COMMON TASKS” to make the Netork rules for you and it would make individual rules for “OUT” and “IN” at the top of the list. All you would have to enter is the IP addresses.

Just another way to set a Trusted Zone. A very nice job there Voodoo.


You are both right, but at least in my case, Jasper2408’s solution (Using Comodo’s Wizard to set up a trusted home network) only gives you access to shares being offered up by Windows PCs. If you want to be able to access Samba based shares, you must add a custom ruleset with the Home Networking Incoming entry for System and svhost.exe (as shown in Voodoo’s example).

It seems like odd behavior, but I can turn it on and off like a light switch. No reboots or restarts required. Both the Vista and XP systems I set up with the Comodo Beta can only see and access the public shares on each other and my other Vista and XP systems when only using the global rules setup by the Wizard.

To see the shares on my Buffalo Giga LinkStation and my ReadyNAS NV+ (each using a different version of Samba), I must add that Home Networking Incoming entry for System and svhost.exe. Delete it, and access goes away again.

Additional info:

When browsing through the forum this morning, I found the “secret” to seeing the logs…using the More button. (Like others have reported, until using the More button, nothing showed up; however, I am not having problems others have mentioned with regards to dates or times not being correct.)

In any event, I noticed that, although access to the NAS based shares seems to work properly, the firewall was still blocking ICMP packets being send out by svhost.exe to the NAS drives every five minutes. To fix this, I just modified my custom ruleset to allow all IP out rather than just TCP and UDP.

In summary, thanks to Voodoo, my NAS shares are now accessible. I have two HW firewall layers with the inner layer very locked down. This allows me to completely trust my wired network (fewer issues to track down when playing with my multimedia toys) so my setup is slightly different:

  1. Created a Home Network Zone using an IP mask 192.168.x.0 / which I used in creating the global rules instead of a range.

  2. In rules where Voodoo allowed access for TCP and UDP, I allow all IP access.

  3. I created a custom ruleset I named Home Network Fix (instead of individual rules) which I associate with System and svhost.exe and changed the outbound rule to allow all IP.

These solutions appear to work in WinXP. How make them work in Win2000Pro SP4 ? Would 'preciate advice.

-Bob L.

CFP 3 doesn’t support Windows 2K:

I’m Using the latest version of COMOD FW 2.
If I need to do a lot of work for a simple homework. I’ve got fear…
I think a very good FW must have an easy Home network detection wizard.

thanks, this was a good walkthrough…if you search my previous posts I tried setting up the network myself to no avail…2.4 had no troubles…they should include this to the help file :slight_smile:

Latest Beta has been released. This thread is now closed.

Tnx for helping,