Solution to CIS causing System Restore on Win 7 RTM to fail


  1. Create a System Restore point
  2. SHUTDOWN completely your computer
  3. POWER ON your computer
  4. Tap F8 key every second.
  5. An “Advanced Boot Menu” will appear
  6. Choose “SAFE MODE”
  8. Choose the desired System Restore point
  9. AFTER the restore, SHUTDOWN your computer again
    10.Boot up normally
    11.The System Restore will be successful

COMODO personnel: The interference caused by sfi.dat and especially if you have a windows.old directory should NOT be. Win 7 has been released to manufacturing (RTM) and will be availabel to the general public on 22 Oct 2009.

To Win 7 RTM users: as soon as you feel comfortable with Win 7 RTM, then delete your windows.old folder. Somewhere on one of the CIS forums, I’ve posted to a procedure which will all you delete that pesky sfi.dat from the system32 subfolder of windows.old. The secret involves, once again, booting into Safe Mode.


Thanks for the information. Just to endulge my curiosity. What exactly is causing the problem? I remember having seen reports regarding the sfi.dat interferting with virus scans.

I observed that when Win 7 RTM is installed in any fashion other than a 100 % clean install (disk reformat, and fresh install), then the sfi.dat in the Windows.old directory

  1. would not permit deletion consequently making impossible the 100% deletion of Windows.old folder and subfolders.
  2. could create a SystemRestore point but could not restore to that Restore Point.

If you install Win 7, then I STRONGLY recommend seeing if you can create a restore point, shutdown your computer, and try to restore to that Restore Point.

Since Oct 22, Win 7 will be released to the masses, I’m predicting a number of irate CIS users when they discover difficulties in restoring to a SystemRestore point which they’ve created.

Oh yes, the procedure to delete the pesky sfi.dat file from Windows.old I’ve documented in a post on another one of the Comodo forums but I don’t recall which.


Thanks for the observation. I count myself to the lucky people who clean installed Win 7 RC…