Solution: CPF Tray Icon does not appear on the task bar

This problem is because of a bug in Microsoft Window XP. To fix the issue, you need to disable UPNP service.

As workaround, you can download and disable UPNP. Or you can read the following page for all known workarounds : Systray icons missing

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I can’t see the icon either. cmdagent.exe is working, and windows security centre detects comodo as operational. However, comodo [cpf.exe]will not start up, and neither can i uninstall it, using add/remove, or uninstall. Where do i go next?

I just discovered this problem. However, I am on Vista Home Premium, not XP. The CPF tray icon has been present for months. Suddenly, today, I noticed it was not there, and I cannot access CPF to modify its parameters or shut it off temporarily. Please let me know how to get at CPF’s configuration once again.