Solid State Drives

I have two questions regarding them:

  1. Does Comodo Time Machine work on them?
  2. Is there any “speed boost” when using it on them? (In other words, does it write the files it caches linearly?)
  1. Why shouldn’t it work ?
  2. Why shouldn’t it be faster ?


But also take a look at this:

  1. Why are you asking me? I don’t know (well, at least it installed and created a snapshot just fine).

  2. I don’t use the Intel brand of SSD (my SSD is a G.SKILL TITAN 256 GB).

  1. So the answer is - yes it works. ;D

  2. SSD’s are faster in general, so they should be faster with CTM too

  1. I mean, a SSD is faster when the writes to it are linear (not random like a normal hard drive). I was wondering if CTM writes its snapshots, etc. the way I described.

Some SSDs have really fast random writes and sequential writes. Mine is an OCZ Vertex and it’s fast for both. It really depends on the hardware make and model. And also there is a difference between MLC and SLC drives. Some SSDs are actually slower than the mechanical drive counterpart, so you need to be careful what you get. I spent 3 months researching SSDs before buying one. My next one will be a SLC drive when they come down in price.