Softwares Removal

Attached is the screenshots of Control Panel. Plzz suggest which softwares can be safely removed. Laptop is full with 5 gb space left so want to remove unneeded & ■■■■ softwares to gain some space. Need your help so that I may not remove any needed softwares or system softwares. Plzz help me on this.


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What operating system are you using naren? Have you ran the disc clean up and chose to clean system files?

If your on XP which it looks like you can go to C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution and delete everything inside the folder.
You can also delete all the entries that are blue in the Windows folder. These are the back up files which contain the originals. They will be called stuff like $NTUninstallKB2492386$ ONLY DELETE THESE IF YOUR SYSTEM IS RUNNING STABLE..

How big is your drive and what programs do you use frequently?


When on XP you can remove the Service Pack uninstall files too. Read more about it here: . Remember to not delete C:\Windows\ServicePackFiles folder as stated under point 6.

When on XP you can also delete the uninstaller files for updates with names like $NTUninstallKB2492386$ in the WinSxS folder. When deleting those uninstaller folders I always keep the last six months of those folders just in case I would need to uninstall an update for a reason.

When on Vista or Win 7 do not mess with the WinSxS folders there. It is a recipe for disaster. The WinSxS folders on Vista or Win 7 are a completely different creature than the one on XP.

Hi Naren. A lot of ms updates are only needed for certain situations. I would study all updates and programs via Google or some way first, work out what you and your system uses or requires, and only then if certain you could remove some of the programs that are obselete or not required. Please be certain with extreme caution before any removal. I know 100mb is not much, but one thing I would personally ditch is Adobe reader and install something like PDF- xchange viewer it is only about 15MBs in size. Good luck.
Edit- That is a scary list you have there.
You could also limit the size of your browser cache temp internet files.


You can also test Temp File Cleaner -
It cleans “system” files.

Only takes care that some antivirus recognize it as infected.
Or K9 filter. For me, the tool is clean and safe to be used.

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Heyy Frds,
I guess the system cleaning here is fine coz I use Comodo System Cleaner Latest with Agressive Settings. So I guess no need to clean anything manually coz that will not give me much space, right?

For the info, I am running WIN XP SP3 Latest Updates, RAM - 504MB, HardDrive - C - 50GB, D is CD/DVD Drive, no other drives.

I am deciding to format & do a fresh install. I know that all the craps will not be there with fresh install. But this is a Dell Laptop & I find some of the Dell programs ■■■■ too, like Dell Games, Cineplayer, etc. Even there are Microsoft craps which I have never used, like Moviemaker, Digital Edition, etc. So I want to know is there a way to do a good fresh install without craps, Micorsoft craps, Dell craps, etc. I have never done Format & Install, so asking.


To get rid off unneeded stuff you could try PC Decrapifier.

I would like to add the following things I do when scrubbing people’s computers. After cleaning as described by Matty_R and I in the above you may have gained quite some disk space.

With a hd running this low on hd space it is very likely it is heavily fragmented making Windows respond slowly. There are three things to consider about fragmentation.

First is file fragmentation in general; it should be low.
Second is the fragmentation of the pagefile. Which should be low as well because Windows accesses it a lot.
Third is the volume is most likely running low on Master File Table (MFT) space, which is another often accessed Windows system area, and will be heavily fragmented.

To tackle the fragmentation (read performance problem) try trial versions of Diskeeper or PerfectDisk. They do a marvelous job, both of them.

First step is to do a general defragmentation. That can be done with both tools. Because it is for a system partition use Smart Placement when using PerfectDisk. Let Diskeeper analyse and defragment.

Next step is to do a boot time defragmentation. When using Diskeeper you will have the option to let checkdisk check before doing the boot time defrag. Let is do the disk check and defrag. With PD you will have to do the disc check yourself first and then schedule a boot time defragmentation.

To get rid off a heavily fragmented pagefile you need to disable the pagefile and reboot as requested. Then defragment again. Make sure everything is grouped together as much as possible. Sometimes using a couple of defrag tools may help here to get the best result. Once you have everything rounded up together as much as possible enable the pagefile and reboot again. Now the pagefile should be in one or only several pieces. This procedure worked recently to reduce a pagefile in 2365 pieces to something totally functional (XP on 40 GB hd).

Last step is to enlarge the MFT. As far as I know only Diskeeper is capable of that. Until 4 or 5 years ago that could be done manually with Fraq Shield. Since then that became part of automated action. Either see if you can get your hand an older version of Diskeeper or let a newer version run for a week.

After this report back and let us know if something good happened or not.

Thanxx helping out guys. I have finally decided to format & install. Its been 9 years running the laptop so I think format & install will be good for the system too. So I am opening a new post in General Discussion Thread with the title Format & Install. I have never done format & install so few questions there. Plzz look into the post & provide your help.