software updater like ninite but with more apps

for those of you who don’t know ninite. you go to it’s site and select the programs you want to install and or keep updated. then you download the ninite installer/updater, run it and will install the apps you selected. if you already have the app it will check for updates. if there’s no updates then it skips it. it does all this without ever showing the apps installers you selected on the site. it automatically says no to toolbars or extra software bundled with software.

what it doesn’t do is allow you to pre configure the answers to the questions for each installer like where to install it, if you want shortcuts or not like quick launch, desktop and or start menu and remember your answer and have an option to alert you if the questions in an installer change so you can preconfigure the answers to those questions. the pro version has limited control over shortcuts allowing only to disable shortcuts completely but I could be wrong. in the regular version it only installs desktop and start menu shortcuts. I don’t believe you can schedule it to run by Itself in the background from the program itself but you can accomplish this with windows task scheduler.

so if comodo created this offering more apps, more configuration and option to schedule when it runs and to run it in the background from the program itself regardless of whether it uses its own scheduler or uses windows task scheduler to auto run in the background on a schedule then that would help keep users even more secure

this would be great for techys to put on friends and families computers.

also it would be really cool if you could configure a phone to text messages regarding answers for new questions in installers. then the person could text back the answer like yes or know. this way friends and family don’t ever have to answer a question

it would also be cool if it could scan for apps not officially listed and check for updates to those too like ninite