Software to Inspire your Devs

Hi Comodo!

I would suggest if you haven’t seen the software to take a look at Altiris Deployment Solution (owned by Symantec). If you do avoid the v7 as it’s based in a browser and slows down workflow. Take a look at v6.9 (latest I believe is SP5 MR1).

By taking a look at this software it could spark of a whole field of ideas for this project. In my opinion, that is the software to beat. Imaging, PXE, backup, Script running, Installation, batch script management, VMWare CC control, remote desktop etc. It needs to be seen, and I guarantee you it WILL inspire you!

You can get a demo version on Symantec’s website, and you can get a free version if you own (any??) HP thin clients.

Good luck on this! Please build a GUI with it and I’ll happily Aplha/Beta it for you… If you want a GUI built I can help, but I am not a coder so it’ll be hollow. lol

it would be helpful if there was a direct link to what you are referring to ? ???

pls provide more details about link and what you like about it etc.
the more feedback you can provide the better pls.
thank you

Key Features Mass-deploy hardware-independent images of a reference system to new and existing systems using Symantec Ghost technology

Migrate to the latest Windows version using including moving user data, personality settings and OS and application settings to the new operating system

Configure each system based on standardized criteria, such as job function, user type, or location

Supports deployment of heterogeneous client and server operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and Solaris

Supports heterogeneous OS deployment, including Windows and Linux, on client and server machines

Easily create jobs and tasks that automate deployment and migration functions including imaging, scripted OS installations, configurations, and software deployments

Supports industry standards hardware management capabilities such as Intel® vPro, PXE, and Wake on LAN™ technologies.

Role-and-scope-based security secures management features from unauthorized personnel

Supports WinPE and Linux pre-boot environments

Integrated with many Symantec products already built on the Symantec Management Platform, including Altiris products, security, backup and recovery, virtualization, data loss prevention, vulnerability assessment, and more

Here is the product page

what is different from ?

Melih if that question is for me. i have no idea i have never used Altiris Deployment Solution i just googled the name and posted what i found.

I’m sorry I’ve taken so long to reply.

The software is not for monitoring but for deployment (of images, software, settings), imaging/cloning systems etc. I’ll get some screenshots prepped and post later this week.

really would appreciate it…thank you!