Software Removal Survey

Software Removal Survey

Uninstalling Comodo?

Thank you for using Comodo. To help us improve our product, please take a moment to tell us why you are uninstalling:

Reason for uninstalling: (missing important reasons) i mean, why would I uninstall when I was a “satisfied user” 88)

Software did not perform well
Software had to many bugs
Software slowed my system
Got to many errors when using
Problems installing\uninstalling
Unsatisfied user

Actually i have just recently reinstalled .

I originally uninstalled about 18 months ago, as i kept getting error, in windows event viewer about, (crypt32), timing out.

had this error several times, Comodo uninstalled no error.

Hoping this time no problems with crypt32.

sillyme :a0

Yes I am a long time happy user of COMODO I just join forums not long ago as you can see but I tried to uninstall COMODO from my mothers computer it worked but didn’t completely come out
I mean some reg keys are still there till this day and I tried to install another AV like AVG but it kept saying Install was stopped cause it founf COMODO in there so it didn’t uninstall at all not all of COMOD anyway what do I do I like comodo its the best but my mom gets mad when ever the security pops up with new things to be reviewed so I get yelled at for that lol its too bad cuz with out that she would most likely get all kinds of Virus’s and the like anyway thanks. HB!

Well hopefully v4 of CIS will solve that for you! And also to search for and/or remove programs and all that comes with it or left behind, I suggest Revo Uninstaller ( which I’m sure many others would also praise. :wink:

The Revo Uninstaller recommended by AyeAyeCaptain will not only remove the registry keys left by Comodo, but it is the best program I know of for removing past Comodo Firewall and Defense+ HIPS permissions of which there can be 100’s of for a frequently used program.


COMODO is not alone. Many vendors and developers add various reg entries and temp files.
It is standard for all AVs and Firewalls to add entries and create temp files, after all the software is designed/coded to protect your system.

BTW, I am suspicious the original poster is from a competitor.
There is no reason other than for testing purposes to remove COMODO from your system.
Haha, a competitor-troll. >:-D

Yeah, windows uninstaller only adds to these problems. I agree, Revo is a solid option. :-TU

My only issue was that the installer did not really tell you what Hopsurf was about…
or that it was incompatible with my default browser–Firefox 3.63
There should be more of an explanation and/or a warning message. 88)

I uninstalled the toolbar easily enough using Revo Uninstaller… thankfully.