Software making

[color=navy]I would like to make some software myself do you know with which free software and E-book(to learn about the software) I can make my own programs :THNK

So you want to learn how to program. :slight_smile: Well there are dozens of programming languages, so the first thing you should probably do is learning some generic concepts that will help you choose the one you want to start with. Don’t worry about making the “wrong” choice, firstly there’s no such thing, and secondly every language has broad areas in common with others, and once you learn only one, the rest won’t look so strange.

There are free compilers and IDEs for most languages, for example for Visual C++, Visual C#, Visual Basic.NET:

Then there are free tutorials and training resources all over the Net. As ever Google is your best friend for this. For example, for the Microsoft products linked above:

Thank you very much for your advice now I have foxpro, Visual C++ for making some Programs I would like to know can I download C++ from any website If you know any such site for downloading c++ for free please specify (:WAV)

I’ve heard (key word is heard) that Java is an easy language to start off with. I didn’t find it so, perhaps you will though. This is what they will tell you to use to program with, I suspect there are others though. I also found it easy to get the hang of. This is where you can download the JDK which I think is needed.


Thank you very much for those two links very informative and helpful

You already have all you need to start programming. What do you mean you want to download, examples? Just find a tutorial and start reading it and experimenting. Here I found a tutorial for you:

PS: As Psych says, there are other languages–and C++ is considered nowadays a low-level, hard-to-use language. Java may be more friendly (the programs created will run through the JRE virtual machine and use lots of resources, although you won’t mind if you’re starting), and I think Visual Basic is also conceived to be easier than powerful.

But as I said, no initial choice will be wrong. Anything you learn will prove useful even if you start with a different language.

Thank you for that link it is a very good site to learn about C++ (:WAV)

Can you tell me how did you learn programming Was it very HARD? Did you had to practice for years to be successful in it? (:LGH)

Of course programming isn’t the easiest thing on Earth. You must have a strong interest, of course if it’s not already your career choice.

Personally I’m not really a programmer. When I was a kid I taught myself QBasic and then C, and in the university studying mechanical engineering we got some C too (???). I haven’t used it a lot actually, I’m not using it now.

Thank you for replying your reply encouraged me to learn programming on my own (:WAV)

I found a programming language called python in has anyone here tried it I am finding it a little bit easy (:WAV)

I’ve never gone near python. Bad fear of snakes. (:TNG)

Seriously, I always thought it was a harder one to learn. Let us know how you get along with it?