Software Information for Windows?

The program by Topala software solutions “Software Information for Windows” (siw.exe [free version]) is being registered by the AV as being Heuristics.suspicious@105594818 both on download where you get the double extension thing .exe.part and also when scanned (Heuristics on low/med or high).

Know i now this program is safe and doing a VirusTotal scan shows only Comodo as it being suspicious.

This program does have some features which could potentially be used wrongly but does that mean the program is?

Just wondering if Comodo are going to exclude this from detection or consider it potentially dodgy so will keep detecting it.

CIMA rates it as suspicious but i know it has been submitted before as a fp (possibly a different version) and been rectified.

Hi Matty_R,

Thanks for reporting. We will check that and get back to you.


Hi Matty_R ,

This FP has been fixed.Please check in virus signature database 4936.

Thanks and Regards,