SoftPedia -> Adware in CIS ?! [merged threads]


What do you think? Repacking CIS with unchecked toolbar selections.
I think that is better than remove.
Maybe, There is some kind of relationship between Comodo and Askbar as a sponsor.

Yes, that’s why I mentioned that at the very least, these options should be opt-in by default instead of opt-out. In other words, the user must select these options to install them instead of the current default of having to de-select them in order to not install them.

The default behavior for installing items above and beyond the desired software should always be opt-in. Counting on the user to not be paying attention and perhaps install additional items when installing is a questionable practice and not something that you should need to be wary of when installing security software…

I never said that a browser is a toolbar. I said that a browser displays ads.

For the first I have found myself agreeing with you. is moreover Google competitor and to me they are doing a fine job and I like I really do not want the internet becoming a google search monopoly. Hey RejZoR Ithought you gave up on Comodo forums. ;D


RejZor is a valuable member of the forums often pointing out area’s of comodo that need fixing :-TU
Sometimes we agree, soemtimes we don’t… that’s life :wink:

Btw has anyone got incontact with them about this?

Thanks for bringing this to our attention RejZor. I have passed this to our legal guys to deal with.

As it happens I passed by Softpedia offices while I was in Romania. Their offices can see our building (ours is the Tallest building in that city and its only a stone throws away from them) perhaps, i should have popped in to have a chat with them and introduce Comodo… maybe next time when i am there :slight_smile:


It will be an honor for us to see an interview with you on Softpedia. :-TU

Maybe next time I am there, if they invite me, I will pop in and say hi to them :slight_smile:


i think it would be easy to solve that when you choose SafeSurf toolbar it offers option to not install ask toolbar or it include clear warning that that ask toolbar will become installed too …

if the problem is just autoinstall of askt …

Maybe an Opt In option instead of Opt Out. Unticking the Safesurf boxes stops auto installation.

Or maybe the “Set as default Search” and “Set as homepage” options were removed, that might stop any inclination of it being an adware installer.

Earlier today Softpedia received a “cease and desist” email from the Comodo team. If the attention received by Comodo apps on Softpedia wasn’t proof enough, we would like to remind everybody that there never was and there never will be any intention on our part to end our collaboration with Comodo. Therefore, since the email didn’t leave us much choice, we would like to make our answer public, so you, the Comodo users, can understand that we do not wish to remove CIS from our website and did actually offered alternatives to the Comodo team

Unfortunately, CIS was not "misclassified" as adware. As you can see here, Softpedia marks a program as adware in six cases. You've mentioned in your email SafeSurf: SafeSurf is just one of the three reasons CIS was marked as adware. If we were to ignore the toolbar, CIS would still offer to change the user's homepage and search engine. Aside from the fact that those are good enough reasons to mark any software in our database as adware, listing programs with this type of behavior as freeware would inevitably harm Softpedia's image on popular security sites such as SiteAdvisor that do not condone these actions in any software, especially one marked as Freeware. From what I have seen on your website, a lot of Comodo users agree with us that these options should be removed or at least made "opt-in." In either case the program would be marked as Freeware and in the second one the options don't even have to be removed. But as it is now, there's no doubt about the fact that CIS installs components (SafeSurf) that it doesn't require to fully function and, moreover, it attempts to change the browser's homepage and search engine. Classifying this type of behavior as freeware is unacceptable for us, for other producers who keep their applications free of such options and, of course, for our users, who expect to click their way through a freeware program without worrying that unwanted changes have been made to their systems. Also, as you can see from the COMODO Firewall Pro page on Softpedia, the software enjoys a lot of attention from and is highly appreciated by both our users and our review team, as it was awarded the maximum of five stars at the last internal evaluation while almost 900 users have averaged a rating of 4.4 stars. Removing it from our database would be detrimental mostly to those who see it as a perfect security solution for their systems. Therefore, please send us a confirmation email if you wish to take the appropriate measures in order to have the program marked as Freeware or keep the options as they are (in which case, from what I understand, you wish to remove all listings marked as adware - listings that have tens of thousands of downloads on Softpedia).

Interesting and welcome to comodo Softpedia! ;D :-TU
Thanks for a public response as well…

Just be careful…

If you read between the lines, Melih is basically saying that if he wants then he can throw stones at your building.
:o :o

Just joking. =) It will be interesting to see Melihs response to this. xO Also FYI: Comodo will at least drop the Ask toolbar in the future, maby then we can all live in peace… Lol.;msg268404#msg268404

Thats a link where I ask Melih and he says that hopsurf will replace ask… =) (whatever that is… hehe) O0 O0

Thanks for the response Softpedia…
I will pass this to our legal people but I think there is a definition issue in that you guys are entitled to classify things according to your own rules, but can’t call something a word that it is not.

I think the wording you use for our product has to be reconsidered…
here is the definition of the word “adware” from wikipedia Adware - Wikipedia

Here is the excerpt: “Adware or advertising-supported software is any software package which automatically plays, displays, or downloads advertisements to a computer after the software is installed on it or while the application is being used. Some types of adware are also spyware and can be classified as privacy-invasive software.”

Now, we do NOT automatically play or display or download advertisements to a computer after the software is installed or the while the application is being used.

So the question is back to you guys at Softpedia: Does SafeSurf match the description of Adware as per Wikipedia description?



I do wish that Softpedia would have a different word instead of “Adware” (which makes it sound very bad)…but I also don’t like how CIS has the 3 “offending” options automatically checked/selected.


Melih, I am not sure that SafeSurf itself is adware, but I think that changing the home page and search engine (which has ads on it) by default can be defined as “adware-ish” activity.

No one messes with comodo >:(
I’m not going to softspedia anymore :o I’m boycotting I will share my opinion with others

I with you, Melih

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+1 :-TU

You quite a fanboy. :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: Softpedia is actually one of the best places to find programs. I use it a lot. Just be careful about some of the not-so-popular downloads.

Thanks. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you guys.
As you all can see the definition of Adware is clearly articulated in wikipedia. Safesurf does NOT match that. I am sure its just using wrong definition and I have full confidence in Softpedia team to resolve it amicably.



Did you read my post? I said that SafeSurf does not seem to be adware, but the act of changing the home page and search engine, which has ads, is adware-ish.

That is a strong reason for Softpedia to continue labeling CIS as “Adware”.


Yep. Such practices are borderline shady.