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It’s all well and good that “90% of reviewers write reviews in order to help others make better buying decisions*” (though I would like to know where the * references as I can’t find it!), how many people are going to write the reviews in the first place? There’s no way that every one of the 100 million people who trust Comodo (don’t you love statistics?!) are going to write a review. The huge numbers of legitimate companies who could use UserTrust aren’t all going to get a review from each person who buys - what do you think that percentage of people reviewing would be?

Isn’t it also possible that the people who will review are going to be those who either had a fantastic service or extremely bad? The main thing that makes a difference to online selling is the speed of p&p, not human contact. Unless of course they just take your money and become untraceable, but they’re not going to be the companies who bother to put UserTrust on their website in the first place. At least I hope not, since they’d get bad reviews pretty quickly that even mediation shouldn’t stop. The chances of every legitimate selling website (even just narrowing down to English speaking ones) installing it are going to be slim aren’t they?

(B) Katie

hi Katie

Excellent questions…
first of all stats as to how many % of the end users will actually give feedback, i have no idea! Time will show…

As to people who will write their reviews and concern that they might be on both sides of extreme cases, i think that would be a bloody good start! At least we would have something to start with!

Online selling: many elements and Trust is an important factor. User review is an important factor in establishing trust.

You do touch on a good subject about sites who don’t use Usertrust, well they will be not having usertrust for a good reason! However, worry not we will be launching a UserTrust toolbar soon to give that visibility and ability to our end users for every sites, even the ones who don’t have UserTrust logo.

Take care (CLY)