So you think you want a job in Computer Security? (How true is this?)

So, you think you want a job in Computer Security, eh? Are you sure? Have you been properly informed what the work and conditions are really like? Do you have visions of Hollywood movies where Cheetos-eating one-handed-typists are madly furying away any would-be “hackers” and think you “want a job like that”? Or have you just heard about large salaries and want to make some extra do-re-mi for another coat of white paint on your picket fence? Or maybe still, you’re one of those who think the “enlightened” few computer professionals rise above to the pinnacle of computer security research or applications, and you want a piece of that intellectual satisfaction?

Regardless of why you have been considering a job in computer security (or maybe you landed into one and you’re wondering “How did I get here?” and “Now what?”), it is extremely likely you’re missing a bit of a reality check you could have used prior to now. Now for a dose in reality…

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