So, you going to fix this?

This has been around for ever pretty much.

Sorry about he trouble. I have not experienced this problem, how ever - Maybe using Safesurf instead of CMF might work for you?

Never seen this… ???

I have seen it but it is very infrequent.

Sorry about the delay in getting back, after a fortnight with no replies i pretty much gave up on this topic.

If only it was infrequent, it wouldn’t bug me so much, but the pic above is what I see every time I open the GUI.
The only way that I can actually see the GUI properly is to exit, and restart CMF. :frowning:

Did you file a trouble report on this?

How about reinstalling?

No, I thought posting here would be sufficient. ??? Where do i file a trouble report?

Kyle, I haven’t tried that, will do so now.


You can lodge a support ticket on the official Comodo Support Centre at hyttp://support.

You will need to register on the Support Centre before you can lodge a ticket, as your forum credentials do not apply there.

One thing to be aware of is when you lodge a support ticket, it will be picked up by a Comodo Support staff member. When they reply to your p[ost, the call is marked CLOSED. This does not mean it is finished, just that Comodo can’t do anything until you respond to their post. Simply re-open the call to post a reply.

I didn’t say it was sensible - now, can we all spell A - S - S - I - N - I - N - E?

Ewen :slight_smile:

I have had this issue a few times, and I did the same as you : exit and restart CMF. But I have no clue what causes it :-\

Greetz, Red.