So where is 4.23? [resolved]

It’s been a week so where is 4.23? Don’t open the can if ya ain’t gonna spill the beans. :THNK


comodo boclean will be released this week… as far i know. If thats what you are talking about

melih states on March 31 …
Hi Everyone

We will make available Comodo BOClean for free very soon. (in few days).

We are very excited to bring you such a world class, high security product for free.

thank you


… guess I should have said “it’s been over 2 weeks”

Patience, grass-hopper… A garden poorly tended grows nothing but weeds.

As soon as it’s done and ready to go, they’ll release it to the masses. Until then, they are all chained to their desks/laptops/whatever, and not even allowed potty breaks. :smiley: Work work work, that’s all they ever do! Else Melih shalst smite them most vigorously.


I guess my point is don’t say your going to do something in such & such a time if your not. And couching the miss in rhetoric as Kevin often does just don’t work.

Its different what people thinks a few days is… and when soon is.

thats why i hate thoose words :wink:

they writed somewhere (maybe in that post) that it would be released week 15 or 16…

and they did also write when it was wednesday that it would be released this week or the next week.
so it will probably be released this week, unless they find a HUGE bug they need some time to fix.
you never know with things like that. and its better they a few days more to fix the bugs then release boclean with shitload of bugs… (like microsoft do with windows…)

I think kevin works more then you can imagine. and he is also helping Comodo with their firewall… (as far i know)

I know how you feel, I too long for this program as a complement to CPF and CAVS. Don’t really like the free malware solutions out there today (like AVG free, SpyGuard etc.). But I’m sure the Comomo staff is working hard to release 4.23. I suppose they have to not only add the Comodo text somewhere but also fix the license system, remember it goes from payware to freeware! :slight_smile:

Sure, they could have said “two weeks” or whatever instead of “few days”, but don’t you think it will be released before the end of this week? I think so.

Comodo will release it as soon as it’s ready. Not before.

I realize that it’s frustrating to wait for a product that you think should be available based on prior information.

Please keep in mind that really, Comodo can’t “win” no matter what date they put on it. If they said it would be May 23rd, would anyone be happy? No. If they said April 16th (knowing they might not make it), and didn’t make it, would anyone be happy? No. So basically, they can’t give an answer that’s going to satisfy everyone. They chose to say it would be soon, and that will have to do. :slight_smile: Soon is relative and subjective, but it’s what we have…

Not much we can do about that aspect of it. Please feel free to write a letter to Comodo complaining that they did not provide free software in a timely fashion. :wink:


Lets all build a time machine so we can no the date. Then go back to now and tell ourselfs it so we won’t have to wonder. (:TNG) Or would that be too much work?? :THNK

I would say : TORTURE KEVIN 88) ;D :wink: Maybe electroshocks will speed him up … :o :o :o

Greetz, Red.

we had to setup new URLs for support etc etc. which had to be all tidied up… we hope to get a version to QA sometime this week (fingers crossed)…

love the electric shock therapy for Kevin though… what a great idea… and lucky there is a power station near by here… he he…


Melih,don’t you understand that a whole lot of cheap people,want it for free, people demand it now.As in, I want it now,now,now.LOL!

Ok… Norm… pls increase the Voltage to 1200V and make it 100amp… 800V didn’t work :slight_smile:



Hey buddie … I paid for Boclean!! Did You?? Since Vista came out trying to run Boclean is a PITB.

Uhh, Melih please don’t do that!!! It would surely kill Kevin - and we all need him and your great products.

Being new here, I really like your style as much as your products - at least CFP, which is way better than ZA. Can anyone explain, why German press does not report on CFP, haven’t seen anything on your products here, just ZA (which mad only trouble on my computers since V7).

Have fun

(by the way: Human body as a resistance of about 1000 Ohm (as far as I remember from one hand through body to feet) for AC, so 1200 V would allow max 1.2 A - however, this would also kill Kevin - just below about 50 V AC is considered “save” (no, I have no lawyer, I do not take any responsibility for this)) (:KWL)

engelhardt,I paid for BoClean on Feb,17 2003.Friends are friends,pals are pals,buddies sleep together.I ■■■■ sure am not your buddie.Are you someone else’s?

Well good for you. I paid for it June 14, 2003. And I assure you ‘Buddie’ ain’t a term of endearment.

True and if you were,well let’s say nicely, uninformed enought to buy Vista with all it’s bugs, to bad.The latest ain’t allway’s the greatest.LOL at you!