SO stable V3 of CPF...whats next to be worked on?

I installed cpf v3 and wondered wahts next to be the new stable application?



Excellent Smithers!

When Do we/you/comodo to plan on start working on that?

we already have a team of people working on it…
the reason why we are waiting on firewall is cos there has to be some integration work, so that there is one hips component.


And what if someone wanted to use CAV3 but not CFP3? Are they left without a HIPS component, or will CAV3 have HIPS as an optional installation component if CFP3 is not detected?

Ewen :slight_smile:

you can have cav3 with hips without cfp3 :slight_smile: We are bulding it as a modular system where things can be installed in different combinations…