So no plan for the new IceDragon to be portable at all?

So no plan for the new IceDragon to be portable at all?

Comodo must know the probably number 1 reason IceDragon v26 is a success to all users is because it is more portable in file folder structure than those from portableapps, etc. You just fire up Icedragon.exe instead of a Firefoxportable.exe that then fire up firefox.exe.

I am still using Icedragon v26 but have since learned how to easily change ff profile settings and am also using pcxFirefox v40(just like the latest official Firefox) whenever I want or need to. pcxFirefox is the most stable from all the slimmed down size firefox variant I found. So it’s smaller in overall program size, load faster and could play video faster and seemed to take up lesser resources.

I am using firefox type browser because of the availabe addons I need which I can’t find for IE or Chrome(In my case I would go for Torch Browser variant instead). Yes lack of one particular addon called Speeddial keep me with Firefox type browser plus Chrome type is really fat and I don’t know how to customise Chrome profile relocation like I know I can with Firefox type.

Better still for anyone needing something really light then use SlimBrowser that really let you watch video smoothly on old or slow machines like netbook. Found Slimbrowser is smoother for video watching than Torch Browser(that is really quite bloated to some 800MB if you add program and profile up).

If anyone know of anything that is lighter and faster than SlimBrowser please advise.

Hi shenzhou,
Maybe not light, but for speed I use Chromium based browsers.

Kind regards.

I forgot, I actually have a way to move Chrome/Torch browser profile… haha, and I only learned this trick a few weeks ago. I use the Windows Junction function to “move/pinpoint” Torch Browser profile into my D:/Torch folder which is also where I have the browser program itself.

Stupid Chrome maker(would that be google(that’s beginning to play dirty and a bully in search engine?), they don’t let you, you let yourself… haha

This junction function can be applied to moving FF profile as well but for FF I simple changed path setting in the profile file which is easier.

Ok just want to update - I finally, more or less make standard pcxFirefox portable by applying the use of the profile syntax as in “D:\pcxFirefox\firefox.exe -Profile D:\Profile” as an example. Guess this method has been always there, just learned it today. So now I can make any standard Firefox and its variants portable immediately/instantly, no need to fiddle with settings in appdata folder anymore or use those PortableApp versions.

Carry a copy in usb and just copy over to any computer(so it run faster than from usb) anywhere and fire up firefox with no further settings changes.

Will I still use the new portable version of CID when it become portable? Yes, but the reason is now kinda blurry as to why I still want to. :slight_smile:

I have been running another current thread “Multiple portable folders”
In there you will see that I too insisted on the ability to have multiple folders.
I too avoided Portable Apps as I do not want a front end.
I just recently used this link -

During the ‘install’ (cough) I pointed it to a folder I had previously created.
I now have FF v41 fully portable
And I also created another folder, and they both ignore each other completely.
And there is NO front end