So many blocks

Well I’m not sure if those are attacks or something, but I am not doing anything wrong cause even if I close my game it still counts up and up.

I’m curious and anxious what could it be, how to block it forever etc. ?

Oh, and, my fw security level is set to Safe Mode… :expressionless:

Help me plz, like you always do, COMODO :slight_smile:

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I’d like to attach one more file which shows next log other ports …

[attachment deleted by admin]

I once in fact it was yesterday got 1800+ blocks registered in COMODO that scared the hell of me. This happened after I donwloaded a torrent.

Then I read about torrent seed and though I didn’t provide any torrent download I decided to disable torrent download support in my download manager and today the numbers seem to have been reduced to normal(8 in half an hour).

Just make sure to stelath all ports and block all incoming connection in COMODO firewall setting. And I think we can feel safe.

And don’t remember allow everything from the defense+ message. Read them!. If unsure block(without remembering)

Are you behind a router? And what is your Stealth Port Wizard set to in Firewall > Stealth Port Wizard.

I’m no expert but make sure to go to firewall, advanced, click firewall behavior setting, pick alert setting tab, uncheck this is an internet connection gateway(ICS server).

Unless this user’s PC is an ICS server, that won’t do anything.

“Note: If your computer is indeed an ICS server but you leave this box unchecked then you are likely to see an increase in Firewall alerts. Selecting this checkbox does not decrease the security but tells the firewall to handle ICS requests too. So it just activates some additional functionality and helps reduce the number of alerts.”

Enabling this option with a non-ICS server will have no effects.

Hmm thnkas for clearing that up like I said I’m no expert (:SHY)

Ok, I blocked all incoming connections in Stealth Ports Wizard.
I have a router, but when that happened I was connected through DSL.
Although it happened when connected to DSL, I had the same problem while connecting with router.

What is an ICS server, and how to know if I do have it or not?

I am still getting tcp/udp connections. 70 by now. It’s less, but I have no third party program on!

There is one possible answer as your IP changes the person who had the IP before you could have been running a third party program like Utorrent, and you are suffering the after effects of this.

This explains it.

So nothing to do with those blocks? Will it be just counting up?

It looks like the firewall is doing it’s job. Since they’re all random IPs and ports trying to connect to your PC, CFP is blocking these like it should. If your router has a hardware firewall, it should block these though. You can look up the manufacturer/model of your router to find out if it has a hardware firewall.

If the logs bother you, you can disable logging for that global rule.
Go to Firewall > Advanced > Net Security Policy > Global Rules > Edit the “Block All” rule and uncheck logging.