So long and thanks for all the fish

Well my friends, the time has come…

Now that I have (mis)quoted Douglas Adams and Lionel Ritchie I 'll get to the point :slight_smile:

Today was my last day with Comodo so I wanted to take a moment to say how great it has been to be a part of arguably the best pound-for-pound spam/attachment/link filtering platform on the market today. I trust it will continue to server you well.

It has been my pleasure meeting you (albeit virtually) & working with all you overworked, underpaid, stressed-out admins and I wish you nothing but the best for the future.

Don’t let the users get you down

Michel logging out.

Hey. Really sorry to see you go. Good luck with your future plans. :slight_smile:

Best of luck. Comodo (and us fish) will miss you.