So how is CMG working for everyone?


I would like to try CMG, But since it is beta… It contains bugs. How does it work for everyone? Vista users? Is it safe to try with Comodo Firewall Pro 3? (I heard there are conflicts with Comodo’s products with each other)-Ohh, When are those issues going to be fixed by the way?

When is the final release going to come and will it be integrated into the Firewall on the official release date?
So is CMG the current version quite stable? I been reading about it and it looks very nice! ;D

alot of questions I know :slight_smile:


I use CFP 3 and CMG 1 only (on XP). Works great here! I can’t see any conflict, and no bugs. But CMG has never got the chance to stop a buffer overflow. I don’t know how common it actually is.


Using CMG on a 32-bit XP PRO, together with Avira, TeaTimer and CFP 3, and had no conflicts between them. Like LA, I’ve never had and buffer overflow attacks. The current version of CMG is working fine, and is stable. Melih said that CMG will be integrated in CFP 3 once CMG is done with the BETA-testing.


Using it with CFP V3 on XP 32bit without a problem. It has detected 3 buffer overflows so far and helped identify a flawed piece of software. Great software!!!

Ewen :slight_smile:

Thanks for the responses, Moderators! ;D

Will get installing right away!!! :slight_smile:


Josh. 8)

I just installed CMG. Seems to be an extremely simple application, one of those “set it and forget it programs”, That don’t require updates apart from program updates.

I think I understand why now this will be integrated first into CFP 3 :-). Yes… I wonder how common those buffer overflow attacks are? it’s are obviously a new threat right?

Cool program. ;D


BO attacks are very common.
Good chunk of drive by download attacks are based on BO…

Working fine but it’s causing me a bug which forces me to forfeit, at least for now. It makes a.NET framework app get stuck with 100% CPU usage, and my display driver controller won’t start because of that. A detailed description is in the bug reports thread. Because the annoyance was immediate I didn’t test it for more than a few hours, so I can’t tell if it causes other problems aswell.

its in final so when are they going to integrate it?

working GREAT here

I guess it’s only a matter of time. Should be in the next release of CFP 3.


same here! i really wanna see CMF in action! for now, the logs contains BOtester only ;D . what should i do or where should i browse to get BO attack ? ???

LOL; I’ve been thinking the same. Don’t know. Are you sure you want to do it? :wink:


nah, i was just asking, i’ll leave the testing part to somebody else ;D

Cmf is working good here and thanks Comodo. (B)

I have received a string of little problems/ bugs since the final release. What’s odd is that no announcement has been officially made to the final release, does this mean perhaps Comodo jumped the gun a little and are now fixing things. We also have received no change log for V

Bugs I have experienced:

  • No theme on updater window.
  • Tray balloon tip loading on every boot.
  • Sometimes CMF fails to load into the tray, manual load displays an un-usable CMF GUI.

I am considering going back to the RC as this proved a lot more stable for me.

Just curious to the status of CMF and the latest on these bugs.


No problems so far and thankfully no BO’s

where is a good cmg file? i downloaded the ones i found but my computer said they were corrupted and to delete them and find good ones. anyhelp

hey i have this one too. so it’s a bug? (:TNG) i don’t really understand the instruction
“CMF is running on … click "here” to not…"
here where? (:TNG) 've tried to click on the baloon, the tray icon,the balloon still pops up

problem under vista for me : cf another post

cmf is causing vista license to crash (:AGY)