so far so good until...

i am enjoying the current release of Comodo.
i had just the Firewall before, and when i updated it this morning, the installer took AGES on a fast hi-speed cable connection… more than an hour… but once it did install and prompt for the reboot, i was happy to restart to see that i had just the Firewall (with D+) and no AV or any kind of tool bar, etc. nice. i wasn’t even bothered with dialogue boxes asking me what i wanted. i guess it saw my KIS knew i had my bases covered.

there is less CPU usage now when using Firefox. nice.

so far, i dig it.


i wanted to export my configuration (saving the default) to preserve the out of the box installation.


so far i am at about… 45 minutes with that. slow as molasses at the north pole with a freeze ray from the abdominal snowman.

can’t kill process or set the thread priority to above normal or high to give it some oomph.

(edit begins with this one note on ram usage): current combined ram footprint is 17 megs combined CFP.exe and cmdagent.exe.--------- CPU clock over 99% (end edit).

this test box: XP corporate SP3, 32 bit AMD 2.4 ghz, 1gig ram
KIS status NOT ON at this time, neither are any other background processes of any sort.
naked except this Firefox process (newest Firefox… all plug-ins updated).

there ya go. take that ball and run with it kids. have fun & thanks in advance.

There was probably an issue in your old configuration or how it was exported.