Now I’m Princess Snowflake in that My Little Pony Tales story that I’m writing and I changed my character to Princess Snowflake. She has been completely revised. Sorry if I confused everyone.

Could you please use commas? All that ultra, mega and unlimited makes me dizzy ;D

Sorry about that and Snowflake can control the snow, rainbows, ice along with her other magical powers. Here is her updated profile:
Name: Princess Snowflake
type: Pegasi
Body: light purple with very hot pink freckles with a blue Lightning blaze down the front of her face
Hair: pure snow white with lightning blue stripe
Symbol: A Black thundercloud with brilliant blue lightning and a metallic silver snowflake falling from it
Bow: Pink
Birthmark: A bright blue Crown shaped birthmark
Location Of Birthmark: On the front of her right front hoof
Nickname: Thunderstorm
Eye Color: Metallic Blue Sapphire
Personality: Very Refined and cool calculating. She loves to farm
Powers: Controlling the Snow and Ice and Rainbows.
Color Of Hooves: Black as a thundercloud
Hooves: unlimited times ultra mega powerful times infinity suction cup super Hairy Hooves
Generation: Generation 2
Wing Color: metallic silver
Extra Info: Super hairy legs and the hair on her hooves and legs will regrow instantly even thicker when shaved
She has unicorn and pegasi blood in her. Anymore input on her?