Snort detection signatures

I would like to see CAV to support Snort detection signatures, such as these - Enterprise Cybersecurity Solutions, Services & Training | Proofpoint US

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+1 :-TU

I’d like to see Snort support for sure, but that will be mainly NIPS and not only AV.
Kerio used it, i had some home tuned rules in that, very nice :-))


Is this “solution” widely used?
Seems kinda cool…

Your talking about Snort being widely used ?
Yes it is mostly for Enterprises because it takes a lot of time and knowledge to “tune” a Snort Sensor to only alert on “real” danger. Basically is a NIDS Network Intrusion Detection/Prevention System.

It listens to passing network traffic and looks for patterns that are suspicious, but i a large environment you will also have to deal with a lot of false-positives. And you have to verify an Alert to make sure it’s not.
So it takes a lot of time to maintain a full Network IDS.

CIS could benefit from a scaled down version of this and block known bad network attacks and “replace” that with their current “Attack Detections” settings/engine.

Sound like this is über good.
Can I somehow install snort along with CIS?

+1… I vote for it!

yep no problem here is the installer for win32:

The “Doc” file from snort on how to install on XP

Have fun playing around.