Snoozing of COMODO Firewall & AV In Windows 10

Does COMODO Firewall & AV Snooze because the PC needs to restart to finish updating COMODO Internet Security?

This happens on two occasions when central windows defender does not read the files or because antivirus and firewall are actually disabled.
could post a print of the home screen of the CIS

exemple in attachment

Windows Defender’s been telling me that CIS is snoozing because my PC needs rebooting due to a update from CIS so far & after I reboot Windows Defender tells me everything’s fine w/ CIS.

Hi Protected_PC,

It might be some temporary issue with your system.
Please click “Turn on”,reboot the system and check it.
If the issue still persist,please provide us the CIS logs.
I have sent procedures for collecting the CIS logs through personal message kindly check it.

Mathi R

Here’s the report

Hi Protected_PC,

The logs that you provided was incomplete,could you please collect the CIS logs again and share us the links.

Liosant are you running Cloud Antvirus and CIS together?..Whats the deal with the number of network intrusions??

Here’s the Report. (100.11 kB - downloaded 2 times.)
winrar says "file is corrupted" Can you upload a new one