Comodo says its “safe” and detects it as malware. ???

Hi siketa,

Thanks for reporting.We will check this.


Hi siketa,

My 1st question would be : are you still believing in Comodos’ detection ???
“You gotta be dreaming”… Good luck! :wink:

… but anyway and irrespectively … your question is pretty much ambiguous

... Comodo says its "safe" [b]and[/b] detects it as malware.
Can you please clarify what that suppose to mean?

My regards

If you upload that file to VT you can see Comodo detects it as shown in the link.
If you try to add that file to Unrecognized files, Comodo says that it can not be added cause its safe and then moves it to Trusted files.

I hope this explains the problem. :wink:


Oh ! that … thanks
I was curious about “and” part of your previous message
That’s why I’m not using this AV - it cannot b trusted - it’s hopeless & useless


Play nice now :slight_smile:

That’s why we also have to work and contribute so it can be improved. :wink:

Sorry to say this Siber but instead of complaining and giving CIS bad comments why don’t you try to help. I don’t CIS is perfect but complaining and say bad things won’t help either.

Valentin N

I’m not complaining at all , Valentine

I always was trying to help way before you joined the forum
… but currently I’m staying with what I have & still considering it being the best Firewall

Other than that… I asked the question re: the specific post here
That was not clear (for me at least)

I got the answer.


I always was trying to help way before you joined the forum

Just curious how should I take this comment?

(I spell my name without the e)

Valentin N



I agree, this is off topic

I'm not complaining at all , Valentine


Did you mean to say you were Badmouthing it ???