Sneak peek into Comodo R&D labs

New Virtual Kiosk for CIS 6 features:
1 – Fully virtualized browsing and computing experience
2 – Isolated from keylogging, ideal for online banking
3 – Will turn the computer into an iPAD like UI
4 – The sandbox is significantly improved to support a lot more applications than previous edtions

watch the movie here Comodo Virtual Kiosk for CIS 6 - YouTube

You could zip it or upload it to youtube and link it

anxiously waiting for the video.

You can always upload it to the, share the file and post the link here :slight_smile:


very interesting, so im trying to figure out exactly what virtual kiosk is. It looks like an interface for the sandbox and anything selected to run will be sandboxed. is that correct Melih?

Will it be available in the free version?

of course!!!

very nice :slight_smile:

Very nice can’t wait to test it I love the new keyboard.

Swéééét… (:NRD) (:KWL)

You’re not making it Manhattan style are you?
I hope not.

Nope, He is making it Jersey style… but not this Jersey… the other Jersey :smiley: :wink:

Hi w-e-v,
Unfortunately I did not get it from your images

Probably this Jersey ? :wink: (image attached)


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Nice. It would be also nice…let’s say few weeks before releasing CIS 6 - make a video with Egemen/Melih telling about new features, and (of course) why CIS 6 is far more advanced security suite that the others ;D



I am wondering how full virtualization will be implemented in autosandbox? Or there will be a totally new concept to autosandbox in CIS6?

I don’t understand the point of the virtual kiosk. Can you explain it Melih?

So has Apple sued yet or are fully waiting for the full release of the kiosk?

I assume that it’s to make browsing safer. Reminds me of what Panda has with their safe browser or what’s called. I know that Panda’s special browser is a linux based browser inside of Virtual Box.