Sms anti theft for phone

In the beta version you removed sms comments. But if the device not connected the internet we can’t find the device. So please add sms Comments in anti theft or develope an other anti theft.

Please don’t cross post. Your request has already been heard and confirmed it will be considered when you posted here:

MuratG told me the same thing.
My tests showed if there is no WiFi, and no DATA connection with the phone, all Anti-Theft commands go nowhere. The phone is unreachable.
SMS however, is always on.
A data connection (or WiFi) is required for the pictures to be sent, but this could be activated from a sent SMS command. The same thing with location finding (GPS). Data is required.
This does need to be addressed.

:cry: I am sorry I thought the developers didn’t heard it. I want use Comodo everytime. But sms comments very important for me. So I want developers hear me. I am sorry again. :frowning:
And I have recommended comodo anti theft my friends. And they love sms comments. I thought it is very important for everybody. I don’t want Comodo lose customer.

But the approximate location, alarm, lock and wipe don’t needs internet connection. I want recommend comodo to my friends. But if there aren’t sms comments, I can’t recommend it.